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Please be aware that tiggerfan.com is having DNS resolution issues, affecting the ability to receive email to tiggerfan.com. Everyone.net is unable to assist with this issue, due to this domain’s DNS provider, which is not under Everyone.net’s control. At this point, tiggerfan.com users may continue to send outbound messages, but receiving will not be possible until the DNS issue has been resolved by tiggerfan.com. Please contact tiggerfan.com directly for any issues or questions that you may have, as this service will be shut down completely on 03/02/2018 if not resolved. To locate your administrator you can visit this website: http://whois.domaintools.com/tiggerfan.com temporary login page http://tiggerfancom.mail.everyone.net Welcome to tiggerfan.com where you can get a free web based email account @tiggerfan.com

DisneySites!! is happy to provide this great service as yet another addition to the DisneySites!! Network.

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